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What Are the Consequences of Loss of Cervical Lordosis? Oak Ridge In fact, as your chiropractor can advise you, loss of cervical lordosis may even accelerate the process of degeneration when it is caused by a traumatic injury. If cervical disc degeneration develops, patients can experience other symptoms in addition to neck pain and stiffness. Brittle bones linked to osteoporosis have also been implicated in the loss of normal cervical lordosis. Some people, regardless of age, may have problems leading to the loss of normal cervical lordosis as a result of trauma to the body, such as a car or motorcycle crash or a sports injury. These kinds of impacts can cause what are known as. Loss of cervical lordosis is a diagnostic finding often seen on MRI reports in association with chronic neck pain. Reduced curvatures in the neck are called hypolordosis. Lordosis describes the normal front-to-back curvature of areas of the spine, including the neck. Symptoms of Cervical Lordosis. Cervical lordosis symptoms are unique to the conditioning of the spine and vary from person to person. While many cases present little-to-no visible or physiological signs, there are abnormal curvatures that may cause discomfort or pain with the observed curving of the neck.

Loss: of cervical lordosis means straightening of the normal curve of the cervical spine. It can simply be positional or do to muscle spasm. Spondylotic changes basically mean degenerative arthritic changes at. reverses the normal cervical curve and often results in temporomandibular joint pain. The current study was carried out to compare axial linear traction and Expanding Ellipsoidal Decompression EED® with Posture Pump®. Normal cervical posturepresents with a lordotic curve of approximately 43 degrees measured from C2 to C7.1 Without this normal lordosis, most often the balance of the weight. Cervical lordosis is a curvature of the cervical spine or the vertebrae in the neck region. There is a normal slight curve present in the cervical vertebrae that enables comfortable movement of the neck in a healthy cervical spine. However, when there is a deviation from the normal curve it can lead to problems such as pain and discomfort. “My chiropractor says I have a reverse cervical curve.” “The MRI says I have a reversed cervical lordosis.” “There’s no curve in my neck, and now it’s bending the other way. Is this a problem?” Some people are unlucky enough to have a reverse cervical curve – or a reversed neck. If you have ever been told you have a reverse.

This reversal of the normal lordosis is called a cervical degenerative kyphosis. The change in angulation can create multiple problems. It must be noted that the presence of these degenerative changes can cause no symptoms whatsoever. The third and fourth pictures attached here note a patient with the beginnings of degenerative kyphosis and. Lordosis is the normal curvature of the cervical spine. A normal lordosis is not expected to cause any symptoms. Lordosis is a curve in which the anterior or front of the spine has a convex. Usually, patients with lordosis do not have any symptoms except for the exaggerated spinal curvature. Other symptoms which may appear according to the severity of the curvature are: Pain in the back. Pain may radiate down the legs. Changes in bowel and bladder, although this is rare.

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